Alphabet Books

Personalized Alphabet Photo Books

Every baby, toddler, and child has at least one alphabet books in their personal library.  Why not give them an alphabet book where they are the main character?  Not only will this book help them learn their ABCs, it will also be a special gift that they will cherish for  many years.  An alphabet book created just for them.  Using photos of your child and/or photos of their loved ones, I will put together a one-of-a-kind alphabet book.

These books are available in French or in English.


  • $40 for a 26-page 5×7 book
  • Price includes a personalized cover page, with their name and photo.

How it works:

  • For each letter in the alphabet, you choose a word and a photo to match. You can use photos of your child and/or photos of important people in their lives (parents, siblings, grandparents).  Chances are you have most of the photos already in hundreds (thousands) you’ve taken of your children so far.
  • Send me the list of words, along with the accompanying high-resolution photos.
  • You will receive the proofs within one week for your approval.

Colour options available:

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